Hi everyone,

Do you love to drink chocolate milkshake? Yup so do my pupils and I. =) There is a topic in Year 2 textbook that teaches the pupils in making the chocolate milkshake for their listening and speaking skills. So, what I did with this topic? Hmmm… Instead of we just practicing the steps with action in the class (pretending making the chocolate milkshake), we make the chocolate milkshake for real! Yeay, my pupils really enjoy this activity. We make the chocolate milkshake outside the classroom. (Easier for me to clean up everything after the activity! hahaha)

In my opinion, this activity is good because we can expose the pupils with the ‘real situation’ making the chocolate milkshake. The pupils can try and do it by themselves at home later on. Besides, I do this activity with my LINUS pupils which 6 of them still can’t read sentences. Surprisingly, they can memorize and remember the steps on how to make the chocolate milkshake by demonstrating in front of the class before we go outside and make our chocolate milkshake. This is because we make a deal which my pupils need to remember and demonstrate the steps making the chocolate milkshake before they can do for real. Here, you can see actually fun activity will help the pupils to improve their English learning. =) You also can watch they sing the song at


Put the ices in their chocolate milkshake!


They are ready to shake their chocolate milkshake!


With their partner to shake the chocolate milkshake!

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