Hi everyone,

I’m back again! Ok, this time I would like to share with you about my listening and speaking skills lesson done with my lovely year 1 pupils. This activity called ‘Show and Tell Me!’ So, what we have done for this activity?

First and foremost, I ask my pupils to bring their favourite toy that they want to share with their friends in the class (please remind your pupils a day before you want to do this activity teachers!). So, during the lesson, I ask everyone to bring their favourite toy and sit in a big circle. Then, I randomly pick a person in the circle to start show and tell the others about his favourite toy. After that person finish sharing about his toy, he has the opportunity to choose the next person to ‘show and tell’ about his/her favourite toy. It will continue until the last person in the big circle.

In my opinion, this activity is good to be carried out in the classroom. It is because we as a teacher can view our pupils’ thinking, opinion, and their imagination. You gonna to surprise that the boys in your class will play with teddy bear and cooking utensils =) Besides, we can assist the pupils to build up their confident to speak in front of the other people.


Amir in action with his pistol!


Fahrin with his cooking utensils and  want to be a chef!!!


Akif with his handphone!

 Zulaikha and Zulhelmi with their cute teddy bear!

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