Hi everyone,

Today, I would to share about writing skills. For your information, my pupils do not like the writing lesson at the beginning of schooling year. To them, writing is bored and not interesting which is not really true. In my opinion, if the teacher prepares fun writing activity, the pupils will feel writing is fun and interesting.

So, in my writing lesson, I will divide into two sessions. The first session is the brainstorming activity and then, the pupils will do the writing parts in the second session. Brainstorming activity is a good activity in order to trigger and generate the pupils’ ideas. First and foremost, I will show pictures or play a video to the pupils to trigger their ideas. Then, I use the Wh- questions to assist my pupils’ thinking. Lastly, I ask them to write their ideas in the mind-mapping (in the paper or blackboard) . For the brainstorming activity, I normally divide my pupils into several groups so that they can work with their group mates collaboratively.


Every group writes on the blackboard



My pupils’ mind-mapping