Salam and Hi everyone,

Do you know about LINUS 2.0 Programme? LINUS is acronym for Literacy and Numeracy Screening which is one of the NKRA’s agenda to access broadly for quality education. This programme has been implemented since 2010 in order to cater Malay language and Mathematics subjects only. However, in 2013, MOE has launched LINUS 2.0 for English Language to help pupils to master literacy.  According to this programme, each pupil must master the basic literacy and numeracy skills after three years of primary education. In LINUS programme, pupils will be screened twice a year. The first screening will be on March and the second screening will be on September. In addition, this screening has two parts to be tested which are oral and writing. If the pupils not master all the constructs in the screening, they will in LINUS programme (KPM, 2013).

Since I’m teaching the LINUS class, I need to come out with the intervention programme for helping my LINUS kids to be able to master the basic skills. My LINUS class is poor in reading which some of them can until the word level. So, I come out with this intervention programme call ‘Let’s read with me, darling!’. What I do is,  I prepare the reading materials for them to read with their ‘cikgu muda’ and then they come and read to me. After they can read the text, I will provide them with another text and they will get a small reward from me. This intervention programme really helping my kids to improve their reading skills.


Intervention Programme: Let’s Read With Me, Darling!


My LINUS pupils with their texts