Salam and Hi everyone!

Today, I would like to share about the ” Poison Ball” activity. Normally, we always heard about ” Poison box” games rite? Yes, I adapt this game for the activity that I would like to use during my listening and speaking lesson with Year 1. Indeed, this a fun activity!

How to conduct this poison ball activity? First of all, I just use the recycle papers to make the ball. On the paper, I write the words that have ‘h’ and ‘b’ sounds. Then, I crumple the paper to make the ball.


The poison ball

During this activity, the teacher will play a song and the pupils will pass the ball to their friends. Then, after the song has stopped, the person with the ball need to open the ball and read the word states on the paper. If he or she cannot read the word, he/she need to crumple back the paper. The teacher will play the song back and this activity will continue until the song has stopped again.