Salam and Hi everyone,

Today, I would like to share about scrap book that my LINUS pupils have done. We take 3 days to complete this scrap book which I use 15 minutes for every day lesson before proceed with the other lesson. It is a just a simple scrap book but very meaningful to us. Why I said so? First, this is my LINUS class which half of them still unable to read the English  language simple texts. Second, they are slow learners yet, they are excited to learn English and really committed in making this simple scrap book.

On the first day, I brainstorm my pupils about our scrap book which we are going to make a scrap book about their ambitions since the topic on that lesson is “What I want to be when I grow up?”. Then, I ask them to find or draw picture that resemble their ambition (e.g. the picture of chef, teacher, baker, doctor, soldier, engineer, and etc.). Then, the second day, I guides them to write 4 sentences about their ambition in their book. Here is the example of the writing:

My name is _____________________. I am ______________ years old. When I grow up, I want to be a/an _____________. I hope that I can achieve my dream to be _____________ .

On the third day, I distribute the coloured paper to my pupils. They can choose any colours that they like. Then, they paste the picture and write about their ambition. I also encourage my pupils to decorate their work. Lastly, I compile the works and it becomes a scrap book.

As a teacher, I think making a scrap book is one of the ways that teachers can do to compile our students’ writing works. By having scrap book, we can see the progression of each students’ writing works according to the topics given. Furthermore, the other students also can read their friends’ writing works. =)


During the brainstorming session


Yeay! Our beautiful scrap book!