What is Mobile Learning?

  •  A set of technological devices including smartphones, MP3 players, and hand-held computers that might have an impact on language learning.
  • Users using mobile devices with wireless network for acquiring knowledge without being restricted to time and places to immediately and effectively achieve the learning effect
  • Any service or facility that contributes to acquisition of knowledge regardless of time and location.
  • Several features of Mobile learning that benefits the learners in many ways such as: mobility, ubiquity, wireless networking, interactivity, accessibility, and privacy.

8 competencies teachers should demonstrate in order to use mobile devices  for learning:

  1. Knowledge of the instructional approaches, tools, systems, and processes required for designing and developing effective mobile learning content.
  2. Knowledge of the best practices related to the development of mobile learning content.
  3. Knowledge of successful mobile learning implementations around the world.
  4. Knowledge of today’s trends, research initiatives and experiments happening in the field of mobile learning.
  5. Ability to analyse a business situation and the learning context, and recommendappropriate mobile learning solutions to address them.
  6. Skills to design and develop effective mobile learning applications to meet business objectives.
  7.  Passion for learning and improvement in the areas of instructional design and mobile learning, and all related fields.
  8. Appreciation of the power and effectiveness of mobile learning.

Finding of Previous Research Regarding Mobile Learning:

  • Mobile phone has potential to be used for educational purposes.
  • M-learning is more efficient rather than traditional method of learning to help enhancing learners’ vocabulary.
  • Most tertiary level students used mobiles to a great extent for developing their English language learning.
  • Mobile language learning environment more benefited the learners with higher verbal & visual ability.