Salam and Hi everyone,

Alhamdulillah, our ‘Screencast-o-matic’ workshop had done successfully. Yeay! My friends and I were very happy and excited because our workshop went well. We had achieved our objectives of the workshop. The workshop was held last Thursday in Computer Laboratory 3 at the Education Faculty at 3 o’clock until 6 o’clock.

When Dr. Fariza explained about the proforma in the first day of the class, I was thinking, it is possible that we could organise a workshop for other people. How are we going to do? Who are our participants? I felt that I want to withdraw from this course. Yet, I’m still in this course because of my nice and lovely lecturers. =)

Before the real workshop happened, we have faced a few challenges through out planning this workshop. Firstly, the participants from MINDEF could not attend to our workshop due to their time constraint. Then, our friend, Kak Laila was promoting this workshop their her friends and they were willingly to join this workshop as they also need to present their presentation through online. This workshop will definitely suit with their requirement since ‘screencast-o-matic is an application that they can record their presentation. Besides, we also face a problem to book computer lab 2 since there is a class in that computer lab. However, with fully corporation from our classmates and guided from the lecturers, we managed to organise this workshop successfully.

Here, I have attached our workshop website: http://bengkeltmp2016.wixsite.com/ge6543 so that if other people wanted to learn about the application could go to this website and download the manual instrument there.